RECLAIM Appalachia

Reclamation, Remediation, Re-use

Innovative Approach to Appalachian Mined Lands

Reclaim Appalachia exists to improve mining impacted lands with projects that lead to positive cash flow, enhanced ecosystem function, and long term job creation. Sustainable agriculture, value-added processing, renewable energy, reforestation, and mitigation banking represent key areas of focus.

Scale of the Problem

There are approximately 352,000 acres of surface mined land in West Virginia alone, and the vast majority of this acreage is not performing at its ecological or economic potential. Further, there are thousands of mined but unreclaimed acres in a state of legal limbo due to several financially distressed coal companies declaring bankruptcy, and dozens of “abandoned mined land” properties that were mined prior to 1978 have still not been remediated and converted to beneficial use.

Solutions-Oriented Approach

By partnering with Coalfield Development enterprises such as Refresh and Rewire in addition to private and public entities, Reclaim connects to a broadly capable network for successful implementation of pilot projects that focus on employing former coal miners and related workers. The skillsets that have been developed in the coal industry are directly applicable and valuable to the work that Reclaim is pioneering in West Virginia. Over time, Reclaim seeks to develop new economic models that will empower Appalachians to play a direct role in the restoration and sustainable reuse of their landscapes.


For more information contact:
Nathan Hall, President